Tiger Painting Step by Step, Chinese Painting Demonstration by Steven Fang Yucheng

Today in this traditional Chinese Painting for beginner tutorial, we are going to show you how to paint Tiger, the Tiger painting demonstration is done by Steven Fang Yucheng.

The traditional Chinese painting is a traditional Chinese art that has been passed on for thousands of years! in this detail step by step painting tutorial, you will learn how to paint a plum tree and flowers in Chinese painting style.


传统国画是中国一项传统艺术,今天的画虎全过程由中国画家Steven Fang Yucheng 房玉成为大家演示。

The tutorial was conducted by Steven Fang Yucheng 房玉成, who has been doing Chinese Painting for over 30 years and now working at Artist Singapore as the Chinese painting teacher and instructor.

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