Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Name: The association is named the Singapore Art Research Association (abbreviated as SGFARA), with the English name being Singapore Art Research Association.

Article 2 Purpose: The association aims to promote Singaporean art, enhance research standards, cultivate artists, and cooperate with international art institutions, contributing to the Singaporean and international art world.

Chapter 2 Organizational Structure

Article 3 Organization: The association has a council responsible for the management and decision-making of the association affairs. The Secretariat is under the council, responsible for the specific implementation of the association affairs.

Article 4 Council Composition: The council consists of the president, vice presidents, secretary-general, treasurer, and several directors.

Article 5 Membership Eligibility: Individuals or groups who love art and are willing to contribute to the cause of art research in Singapore can apply to become members of the association.

Chapter 3 Member Rights and Obligations

Article 6 Member Rights: Members have the right to participate in the association’s activities, make suggestions, and have the right to elect and be elected.

Article 7 Member Obligations: Members shall abide by the association’s constitution, maintain the association’s reputation, pay membership fees on time, and actively participate in the association’s activities.

Chapter 4 Financial Management

Article 8 Financial Sources: The association’s finances come from membership fees, donations, sponsorships, and other legal channels.

Article 9 Financial Management: The association’s finances must be used for the purposes specified in the constitution, strictly abide by financial management systems, and accept member supervision.

Chapter 5 Amendment of the Constitution

Article 10 Amendment Procedure: Amendments to the constitution must be approved by more than two-thirds of the council members and filed with the relevant Singapore government departments.

Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions

Article 11 Interpretation Right: The right to interpret this constitution belongs to the Council of the Singapore Art Research Association.


The SGFARA has a membership of 377 professionals, mainly consisting of university professors and corporate managers. These members possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of art, culture, and creative industries. The benefits of becoming a member include:

  1. Networking with peers: Members can connect with professionals from various fields, sharing knowledge and experiences.

  2. Academic exchanges: Members can engage in academic exchanges through seminars, lectures, and other events, enhancing their capabilities in art research.

  3. Project collaboration: Members can participate in projects organized by the Singapore Art Research Association, collaborating with other members on research and creative endeavors.

  4. Resource sharing: Members can access the association’s resources, such as libraries, databases, and research materials.

  5. Professional development: Members can attend training courses and workshops organized by the Singapore Art Research Association to improve their professional skills.