SINGAPORE ART EVENT, 3 November 2017

This November, ION Art gallery will host three exhibitions that seek to explore the present and future of art with perspectives from contributors and artists from all walks of life and artistic backgrounds.

Equilibrium (8 – 13 November 2017) showcases a state of balance between stability and harmony in art. Featuring artworks by students and staff from Assumption Pathway School, as well as local artists, the display includes interesting pieces of 2D and 3D art installations. These vary in styles and medium, ranging from drawings, to painting, pottery and mixed media. The exhibition aims to create an opportunity for students to have a deeper engagement with the arts through culture and heritage activities by showcasing their work beyond their school community.

Immersion ( 浸濡 ) (15 – 20 November 2017) is a solo exhibition by leading Singaporean ink painter Anthony Chua Say Hua. It will feature 25 of his exciting works from the past 2 years, with subjects ranging from figurative abstraction, cubism, to his well-known old shop houses. Anthony’s finished works can be viewed as an extension of the self in relation to the external world. It creates a sense of oneness, and unity of the spirit. Anthony will also display several rarely seen large format ink works at this exhibition.

Last but not the least, the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association’s 42nd Annual Art Exhibition (23 – 29 November 2017) will play host to over 100 works from its participating members. With many active contributors to Singapore’s art industry, the exhibition seeks to uphold the standard in Singapore art and continue the legacy of the unique Nanyang art style. There will also be talks and demonstrations on topics ranging from Calligraphy, to Ink in Modern Art, Oil Paintings and Nanyang’s Art History.

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