Emerging Collector to Watch in Asia: Jinki Hong

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Korean contemporary art and artifacts; contemporary abstract painting; sculpture; furniture; photography

After a recent visit to the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris to see the acclaimed “Monet – Mitchell” exhibition, Jinki Hong came away wondering “how I can look at the next generation of artists within the legacy of art history” and “what artists could be the great painters of our time.” The core of his collection comprises work by David Hockney, Alexander Calder, Lee Ufan, Yves Klein, Nam June Paik, and Jenny Holzer. “When I started collecting, these artists were the names I wanted in my collection,” he said. “Now, I am beginning to introduce younger and different voices.”

In his youth, Hong was an avid photographer, and that has led him to appreciate art in that medium as well as painting, sculpture, and furniture. “Photography has a certain depth and compression that comes from capturing a fleeting moment, and furniture is deeply satisfying not only visually but also through its utility,” he said.

A semi-abstract painting with large, swirling brushstrokes that form into a person
Yukimasa Ida: Og, 2022.  Courtesy Mariane Ibrahim, Paris

Recent additions to Hong’s collection of some 200 objects include paintings by emerging artists Emma McIntyre and Yukimasa Ida. “This is a big part of the joy of collecting for me. I believe that my collection can become more colorful and richer through younger artists,” he said. “I believe that collectors and artists can establish organic relationships and grow together.”

As a patron, Hong has advised the National Museum of Korea on acquisitions and has plans for opening an exhibition space so that he can share the art he owns with the public. “Influential collectors can also serve as a channel to publicize the works of underappreciated or emerging artists,” he said. “It is possible to impact the public’s interest, and the artwork can influence other artists and collectors to create new cultural forms.”

A version of this article appears in the 2023 ARTnews Top 200 Collectors issue.

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