2019 is here, we would like to thank all our friends who have supported us and joined our Chinese painting class in 2018, and we wish you all the best in 2019!

We will organize more Chinese painting class in 2019 and more artworkshops about Chinese art, watercolor workshops, acrylic painting workshops etc.

The art of Chinese Brush Painting typically embodies philosophical concepts. The Chinese ink painting can be a quiet scene or telling you a story, with a poem at the side of the painting.

The two main techniques in Chinese painting are:

  • Gongbi (工筆), meaning “meticulous”, uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delimits details very precisely.
  • XieYi (写意) Ink and wash painting, in Chinese shui-mo (水墨, “water and ink”) also loosely termed watercolour or brush painting, and also known as “literati painting”.

In this 10 sessions Chinese ink painting workshop, we are going to go through the activities such as:

  • Discover the traditions of Chinese painting and learn the history behind Chinese Ink painting
  • Experiment with different Chinese artistic tools and styles, guided by professional
  • Create your very own Chinese Ink painting on rice paper – and take it home!
  • 10 sessions to cover the following Chinese Ink Painting Subjects
    • XieYi 写意
      • Shan Shui
      • Quin Shou
      • Hua Hui (Lotus, Peony)
      • Hua Niao
    • GongBi 工笔
singapore chinese painting class

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