2023 Singapore International Chinese Painting Exhibition

The Singapore International Chinese Painting Exhibition is an annual event held in Singapore that showcases traditional and contemporary Chinese painting. It provides a platform for artists from Singapore and around the world to display their works and exchange artistic ideas.

The exhibition typically features a wide range of Chinese painting styles, including ink wash painting, calligraphy, landscape painting, figure painting, and more. It aims to promote the understanding and appreciation of Chinese art and culture, as well as foster cultural exchange and dialogue among artists and art enthusiasts.

Visitors to the exhibition can expect to see both established and emerging artists’ works, showcasing various themes, techniques, and artistic expressions. The event often includes curated exhibitions, live demonstrations, workshops, and lectures by renowned artists, allowing participants to gain insights into the creative process and learn from experienced practitioners.

The Singapore International Chinese Painting Exhibition usually attracts a diverse audience, including art collectors, scholars, students, and the general public. It provides a valuable platform for artists to showcase their talent, network with fellow artists, and engage with art enthusiasts.

You can visit the virtual tour of the exhibition here 

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